PersonalDNA – A Test Run

So I have said before that I love to take little online quizzes (also just plainly self-evident from my posting about them ;)). Of those, some of my favorites are personality tests. I recently tried out a new site and test called PersonalDNA.

It asks you a series of questions, using some very nicely made sliders that you move to indicate your level of agreement / disagreement with a statement.

When you have taken the test, it gives you a very detailed assessment (and quite accurate in my case), along with a script that you can insert in your pages to show others your results. My results are now listed on my ‘About’ page. You can see the little script graphic there. Also, you can just click the link to the full results here.

So, I took the quiz, and it has a neat little feature to it where you can give a special link to someone else and have them also answer questions about you. What you end up with is a comparative result. The person taking the quiz about you does have the option not share their name or to not share the results with that other person, so there is a little anonymity feature there. When you do take a quiz about another person, it will give you some comparative charts, and is overall a really fun thing to play with.

I definitely enjoyed taking this one, and I think the technology behind it is fun. I’d suggest, for future enhancements, that they consider a membership option so that you can track comparative results among many people, and also so that you can keep track of all the people you have assessed. For now, and considering this is a very new online testing service, I definitely think it is doing well.


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  1. hello, and thanks for your kind words about personalDNA. (i was the lead developer for its content, not the tech side).

    the membership option is a great idea; we’re trying to balance people’s desire for anonymity with their desire to aggregate and/or compare a number of different responses. we hope to have a (purely-optional) membership option in a few weeks.


  2. David,

    That’s great news. I will definitely remember to drop by and check in a few weeks to see how that membership option is going

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