Well it would seem that the dot trend continues, but I think this project has some real potential behind it. Essentially, what you will find when you visit is a website that allows you to register and track your books, dvds, and music. I definitely like the way they have it set up, and I have to pause a minute and say that they have a really great site theme going. I want to steal their designer to attack my sites 😉

What they have there is really very point and click simple. You use the drop-down to select your category, and you can either try the keyword search or you can directly enter the Amazon number of the item. Then you can rate it, describe it, and tag it. It goes into your library. Really a simple and clean system.

Link to the full size version of screen shot

Some features that are interesting and still in development (of course the whole project is in early development) are the Amazon auto-lookup based on keywords, and a really nice RSS feed option. I liked both quite a lot. The RSS feed has several options to it, so … for example (my username is mistycabal):

The following will show all of my library entries:

A slight change, and it will only show my book entries:

Another change, and I can subsearch my book entries by adding a keyword(s): design/rss

For me… my first thought is.. oh neat, I can feed a specific group of my library into my blog or webpage. Now, only if I can set the links inside the membership at to go to my Amazon affiliate account 😉

Overall though, a really nice project. I think it will be a fun one to watch in the future.


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  1. 🙂 thanks for the review!

    i haven’t really worked on the user profiles, but having user supplied amazon affiliate id’s was something i’m planning on adding…

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