Opera Blog Feed Widgets

Well, allright, it’s a bit trendy, perhaps even a bit silly, but I like it. What can I say, I’m a geek, I’m suppose to like silly techie trendy things. Anyway…

I now have a shiny new desktop widget (that works even on Linux no less!) that I made using the Opera Widget Generator. I really don’t understand entirely -why- I need this, nor why anyone else would. There are a million tools on the market that seem more efficient and smaller, but hey, I have to be impressed by their online widget creator. It’s quick and easy and leaves the user with something they can use immediately. Someone in the marketing department earned a cookie.

So here’s what this fabled ‘widget’ looks like closed on my desktop:
The widget closed.

Then you click the little arrow:
The widget open.

And finally you click on a link you want to read:
Reading the widget.

So there you go. I like the new Opera widget maker. It may be cutesy and slightly pointless, but it’s rather nifty to say that you’ve got a widget for your blog — at least that’s how I’ll rationalize the placing of a button on my blog to download the widget. 😛