Zookoda – Competitor for Feedburner?

Feedburner and others have been known for making it quick and easy for bloggers to keep people in ‘the know’ about changes to the blog. For instance, they offer you a quick and easy way to add an email subscription form that will then automatically email those people when you make a new blog post. In fact, I use Feedburner for that purpose on this blog.

In comes Zookoda (yet another in the slew of unqiue names we’re seeing on the web lately, though at least it isn’t spelled Zo.oko.da). Zookoda offers the same thing that Feedburner does (in regard to the email subscription and notification when the feed is updated) but it adds in some extras that you normally find only in a typical email subscription service unrelated to blogs and feeds. They offer you the option to send all your email readers an independent email newsletter, meaning that you can send that notice as a normal newsletter instead of as a blog post. They also provide email newsletter templates.

Sounds relatively interesting, and I think that since we’re seeing them combine the services like that, it would be prudent for Feedburner to start offering the same. Of course, at this point at least, Feedburner has tons of other tools that Zookoda would have to compete with.