Pink for October

Well if you have only been reading in your feed reader, you may not have noticed that the site has a distinctly more… pink look. No, it’s not an accident. I promise my daughter didn’t attack my graphics with her favorite color. Indeed, it’s actually on purpose!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there is a great website that is getting people involved by asking them to go Pink for October. From that site you can read the overall purpose:

Web sites will Go Pink during the month of October to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research.

Simple enough, and for a good cause. I urge anyone who can spare a bit for the changeover to do up their site in support of this month.

While I’m not terribly fond of pink, I actually sort of like this look for the site. The change over was a quick and dirty job of changing color hues on my graphics.. but I might tweak it a bit more to make it look better. If you are a pink hater, feel free to change the theme – link to do that are currently on the left hand sidebar.