AddThis New Features – Stats and Trends

AddThis is a popular tool for bloggers, and it has just gotten a little bit better.

You may recognize this familiar style of AddThis widget from your favorite blogs:
AddThis image. (not clickable, merely an example)

If you are not familiar with what happens when you click on an AddThis button, you can take a look at this screenshot to see what it does normally:

AddThis popup example.

In a nutshell, it allows you to give your users the ability to bookmark the page/post they found with virtually any method they want. As sharing and bookmarking networks pop up regularly, it is nice to have a one-stop-service that keeps this list up to date automatically for you.

AddThis is now letting users unlock a new service in their account which will track what their users actually do when they click on the AddThis widgets.

The new service will allow users to monitor what method their users are choosing when it comes to bookmarking. This can be incredibly helpful in being able to see what happens once a user decides to bookmark your site. Do they bookmark locally? Do they bookmark to Furl or Facebook? What do they do?

AddThis Stats Graph.

This new service aims to answer these questions – but there is a catch. The catch is that you have to have an entry code to use it. So here is the code:

Go to AddThis, then go to Unlock the feature. The code to unlock is: addthis-stats

Taking it a step further, the new stats can be viewed for all sites using the service so that you can view the ‘trends’ versus how your site is performing.

This new service definitely seems promising.


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  1. There’s another good solution called ShareThis that works with ajax instead (so no window popups) but accomplishes the same thing. In fact, it also allows more sharing methods and email to a friend as well.

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