StumbleUpon Worth $75 Million?

Whether or not it was worth the money, that’s what was spent by Ebay when it recently snatched up the popular web surfing giant.

I’ve been a Stumbler for … probably nearly as long as the service has been available. I don’t remember exactly how long that’s been, but it can’t be more than a few years. $75 million is a huge amount for a young company, but there is one special thing about it… it may actually be worth it.

In a time of news headlines with outrageous amounts being spent on buys of smaller companies by the larger giants – StumbleUpon is a goldmine.

It is a great service. It’s one of the more ‘lite’ social networking sites. You don’t have to talk to anyone. You don’t have to chat. You can just rate sites, and view other well rated sites. This appeals to the critic in all of us, and it’s hugely popular.

When StumbleUpon announced that they had joined eBay a few days ago, it was not a huge surprise to those who had been circulating the rumors about this on the net.

Odd isn’t it? Rumors seem to be on the mark lately, and if you don’t know what I mean – then it’s time for you to open up your news reader which is probably maxed out at the moment. 😉


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