On Being the Busy Bee

I’m getting caught up on a few things, having been kept busy with life lately and neglecting the blog a bit.

I’ve been doing all sorts of lovely things this summer, but they are all keeping me quite busy.

A few things I’ve been up to…

Went to the coast and took this (as well as many other) photos:


Finished taking a class on Film and Literature. It was allright. It forced me to watch a few movies I had never seen before and consider them from the point of adapted works.

WoW character login. I’ve also just gotten in playing WoW (yes, I fought against it for years), and now both my daughter and I are hooked on the game.

The game seriously has a dangerous addictive quality.

They need to create support groups or something. But I’m loving it.

Typing away.
And finally, I’ve been working on my CSS layout book.

This is, of course, all the non-client work things that have been keeping me entertained. I also judged a CSS/WordPress contest and got to see some great new designs come about.

Today seems like it will be one of those ‘productive’ days because I’m going to go pick up my glasses (been waiting a MONTH for them to be fixed) and buy a new computer (unfortunately I can’t find what I want without Vista installed, but ah well, I’ll deal with it.) Annnnddd.. it’s around that time to take my daughter for ‘back to school’ shopping. I’m putting it off and seriously considering ordering online to avoid the crowds.

So, there you go. A relatively busy summer has kept me from writing on the blog as much as I should. It will start to pick up again soon 🙂