Sandbox Design Competition Results

The judging is over, the results are in, and now every WordPress/Sandbox fan has new designs to play with!

I enjoyed being a judge for this competition, though it was definitely not easy to pick which my favorites were out of 46 submitted designs. Huge congratulations to the winners!

The top design for the contest was SandPress by Arpit Jacob:

Sandbox top design screenshot.

The 2nd place design was Moo-Point by Will Wilkins.

MooPoint Screenshot

3rd Place was taken by the design called Prima done by Sunaryo Hadi.

Prima design screenshot.

There were also 3 runners up who will receive smaller prizes, but prizes nonetheless!

  1. Essay ( by Ian Stewart)
  2. Tiffany Blue (by Ia Lucero)
  3. Shades of Gray (by Leslie Franke)

(You can see all of the designs that were entered here.)

I am glad to see that 2 out of my 3 top design picks were in the top 3 for the results. They were excellent designs deserving of some acknowledgment.

Every one who entered deserves recognition for their efforts, and I hope that all the entrants understand that the decisions were very difficult. It was, however, as untainted as I think is possible, as we were also asked to refrain from reading the forums or posts regarding the contest until we submitted our results.

Thanks go out to Scott for running this contest, Andy for impartial reviewing of the results, and the people who sponsored the contest so that winners could receive some cash.

If people have comments on the results, Scott has made a nice little forum post for after-contest discussion.


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