Bloggers To Make More Money Off Video Ads has just opened their HuskyNetwork for publishers and bloggers across the web, as well as advertisers interested in reaching the newly expanded audience.

Heavy meets Husky.

The HuskyNetwork is in its public beta form currently, and is launching as a video ad network.

Heavy is a site that targets the young male demographic, specifically the 18-34 range, and they have current advertisers with plenty of name recognition (Coors, Nissan, Panasonic, Diesel, Axe, Sony, Nike, etc..), but now those ads are open to others looking to influence the buying power of the young male.

In their press release, they describe the features like this:

The Husky Network wraps any video player (YouTube, Revver, Google and more!) with a “Video-Skin,” a premium, high CPM ad unit, designed for brand advertisers.

Now people who like to embed video in their websites can do it without having to sacrifice the fact that they are using a certain video type.

Here’s an example of their ads (in the background image) running using their videos:

HuskyNetwork ad overlay example.

And an ad wrapped around a YouTube video:

HuskyNetwork YouTube video ad example.

So that’s pretty nifty that you can use any video type.

On their website they say that ‘With every play, your site or blog makes money.’ That seems like it could add up pretty quickly if it gets popular. Are they ready to write that many checks? Let’s hope.