Glam Media Launches New Proprietary Search

Glam logo.

Glam Media made news a couple of months ago when it was ranked by comScore as ‘Number One Women’s Web Property’ in a results list that had it scoot just barely past the extremely popular in the results top 10.

Now Glam Media is launching a new proprietary search tool for their network that they call a vertical search tool. The tool is described as:

a proprietary search tool aimed at delivering top quality and highly relevant content from Glam Media’s Publisher Network of 350+ lifestyle, celebrity and fashion sites, as well as its flagship site,

In the press release Glam Media explains their new search technology as follows:

In addition to classic search and indexing technologies, Glam Search uses a proprietary “curated rank” algorithm, which assigns a weighting to a page based on relevance, timeliness and an editorial analysis of the content source. This gives Glam Search results a higher contextual relevance to the item being searched.

The publishers in their network will be able to add a search widget to their sites and blogs that they can configure to show custom results.