With Sparkling New Domains

A brief update for the people who regularly visit the main website (www.WebsiteStyle.com):

Along with getting a major visual overhaul in the coming days/weeks, one thing has been added and is working now – new domains!

New: WebsiteStyle.mobi

Instead of only being able to access the mobile version of websitestyle.com from mobi.websitestyle.com, you can now access from either mobi.websitestyle.com or websitestyle.mobi

New: WebsiteStyle.net

Just for fun and monopolizing of my domain name. http://WebsiteStyle.net points to WebsiteStyle.com

New: WebsiteStyle.org

For now the new WebsiteStyle.org domain name is simply going to point to WebsiteStyle.com, however, expect great things to be found at that domain in the coming year as a new project of mine comes about!

Have a great day!