5 Social Bookmarking Benefits Guaranteed To Increase Your Traffic

Social bookmarking is a very simple step that you must do after you post an article in your blog. In this article we will discuss 5 benefits and tips that will help you increase your traffic and they are directly related to social bookmarking.

1. When you make a post in your blog get your keyword phrase as close to the beginning of the title of the post as possible. When you tag your post use the keyword as a tag. Then when you bookmark the post be sure to use the title of the post and again tag the keyword. This is search engine bait and if you practice basic SEO methods in your writing you will find yourself on page of Google and other search engines in a matter of days, maybe even hours.

2. Bookmark to the correct directories and the right categories. For sure bookmark to Google Bookmarks, Yahoo MyWeb, Digg, Netscape, and any other relative or favorite directory. Join Onlywire and you can bookmark to several directories with one click.

3. Post often and bookmark every post. Social bookmarking is bait for the search engines. By posting in your blog and bookmarking on a regular basis you will get the search engines showing up at Netscape for example and putting your article on page one for the keyword phrase you are targeting. This also gets them spidering your blog more regularly which can lead to more traffic on some of your other posts.

4. Social bookmarking can lead to many things. Certainly getting your article read can create credibility for you. It can also lead to traffic, repeat traffic, referrals, join ventures, sales, newsletter sign-ups, comments on your blog posts, emails from your readers.

5. Having interaction with your visitors is one of the biggest benefits that comes from bookmarking a post and getting it read. In the old days a website did not have the interaction with it’s visitors. Now you can play video, add audio, solicit comments, get your posts read via RSS feeds, and who knows where this will all lead.

These five benefits of social bookmarking have all been listed to get you going bookmarking your posts if you are not already doing it. If your goal is traffic then blogging combined with social bookmarking is a guaranteed formula for success. If you are not doing it you are not only standing still, you are going backwards.

Author: Daniel Trainor (Email)

Dr. Daniel Trainor is an established internet marketer and mentor. To find out how Dr. Trainor can help you make money from home go to http://www.emeraldpassport-info.com

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  1. Spot-on post. As an online marketing guy, I’ve noticed that social bookmarking is certainly one avenue explored to boost traffic. Would you happen to have other post on other ways of generating interest and traffic to one’s site? I’m always open to new ideas.Thanks for the update!!

  2. Social bookmarking is my first choice to improve my site performance. I want to know more about social bookmarking. How can we do effective social bookmarking for our blog or site? I am using many social bookmarking site. But, I am searching for do follow social bookmarking site. So, It will help us to improve performance in major search engines.

  3. Thanks for sharing this useful Information, and it seems like that Social Bookmarking is only the step all we need to do for getting high ranked on Search Engines

    It’s really a very nice and I’m happy to read it.

  4. Hello i found here good advantages for social bookmarking here i some also share but your blog posing is very nice
    1.Social Bookmarking websites drive qualified traffic because more and more consumers use them as “trusted” search engines that delivers better results than Google or MSN.
    2. Social Bookmarking your website will increase your link popularity, because search engines “index” the pages within these sites, and will see the links to your website.

  5. Social bookmarking is a great SEO tool for a number of reasons. The first is that it creates additional inbound links to your content, which is always a good way to gain the attention of search engine bots and increase your page ranking.

  6. Yeah i Agree with your comment that social bookmarking creates additional inbound links to your content, but let me explain that how it works and what is it’s phenomenon.

  7. Yeah, Social bookmarking is one of the best strategy to marketing your business and get backlinks easily. It includes the very simple abstraction of appointment your website links to social media sites like Facebook,Twitter adorable etc.

  8. Hello Daniel, the benefits of social bookmarking – increase the quality backlink and increase the search engine visibility. After launching the Penguin – social bookmarking and social networking are the important part of SEO. Anyways thanks for sharing this lovely article. Bookmarked it and love to see more from you. 🙂

  9. Social bookmarking is the best option to expose and improve the website’s rank and increase crawl rate of google + free traffic as well.

  10. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stuumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It’s always helpful to read through articles from other writers and practice something from
    other websites.

  11. One of the finest and great article about how to get the traffic with the proper usage of social bookmarks. People usually avoid them but bookmarking is the best, safest and fastest way to become visible on internet

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