Demo Movable Type Open Source

There has been plenty of build-up to the release of the new MT open source. version.

If you are game to try it out and want to head straight to the download and install instructions, go for it. Admittedly I think the install process (or at least the instructions) make the software seem terribly daunting to the non-server admin types. Of course, I could just have been spoiled by the famous 5 minute WordPress install.

On the other hand, if you prefer to test things out before trying to install them – there is a live test version of the new MT you can try out.

Over at you’ll find lots of resources for using MT, but the highlight of my visit was the live MT installs they let you putter around in.

So… if you try out the new MT don’t forget to blog about it! Particularly curious to me is how it holds up to someone used to working in WordPress.

Have fun!