It’s Official – I Lost Brain Cells

Your IQ is 132.

Bleh. Apparently (at least as determined by a ridiculously ad-filled IQ test late yesterday) I’ve lost brain cells over the years. I could probably just say it was a bad day, a bad test, but I don’t doubt that I had gotten less intelligent over the years. I’m old.

Of course, instead of blaming it on getting old, I could blame it on having kids and being the only brain cell donor in the relationship. Who knows.

Either way, its dropped quite a bit over the years. Depressing. I feel like I need to start taking Ginko and picking up some of those brain exercise toys.

Sheesh. And I’m about to have another birthday on the 24th. In the tech world, I’m starting to become ancient.


2 Replies to “It’s Official – I Lost Brain Cells”

  1. Same thing happened to me. I was a whiz kid in school and they were rather excited about it etc so they tested my IQ and all that. The counselor that was doing the testing (a psychologist) went against the grain and told me my scores. I was around 140 according to him.

    Now when I take one of the online tests I invariably get a score of around 120. Some sites have explained that language skills are not tested as thoroughly due to the fact that tests are also taken by people who have English as a second language. If you are a hand-coder like me (I see the link to this topic below) then your highest scores would probably be in the same area, language.

    Don’t worry, I think the average IQ in the US these days is around 80, not 100 from the look of the advertising they feed these cats. I think they scores are skewed by the fact that anyone as dumb as that never took a test to begin with. You’re not at any disadvantage at 120.

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