Make Your Own Short URLs in EE, MT, Joomla and Drupal

Quit Using URL Shortener Services.
Quit Using URL Shortener Services.

Why Not Just Use Some URL Shortening Service?

If you’e arriving at this article directly, head back to part one to read about why to make your own short urls.

Short URLs for WordPress

See Part 2 of this article series on making short WordPress URLs.

Short URLs for Expression Engine has a plugin that creates your own short urls in EE. Keep in mind that a new version of EE will be coming out in the relatively near future and I’m unaware if there will be compatibility issues.

Short URLs for Movable Type

This is less of a full solution and more of an explanation of an option available to create short links.

Short URLs for Joomla

This is a URL redirection extension for Joomla that creates shorter urls.

Short URLs for Drupal

A few resources for the Drupal folks out there that can help you learn methods of creating your own shorter urls.
1. Automatically turn a Drupal site into a TinyURL-like service.
2. You can use the option of your node number for the link.
3. Try out the Pathauto extension.

Any other suggestions or plugins I’m missing?

Stay tuned for the last installment, coming up on Tuesday, of this article series where I talk about ways you can create your own URL option using a secondary domain name, free server software, or both.

The series so far:

Part 1: I Don’t Trust Short URL’s
Part 2: Make Your Own Short URLs in WordPress
Part 3: This article
Part 4: Make Your Own Short URLs With Domains or Software

2 Replies to “Make Your Own Short URLs in EE, MT, Joomla and Drupal”

  1. Another method for short URLs in Drupal is to use .htaccess as explained at Build your own Drupal tinyurl.

    You use the node’s id number with the domain name as the short url (ie. and htaccess redirects to ( I suggest using an HTTP 3xx redirect code on the redirect.

    From there can use Global Redirect module to make sure you have no duplicate content from alternative paths to the node.

  2. Thanks for this, really useful for our site and long urls look so bad, especially in RSS form. To confirm you code also works in Joomla 2.5 so all good on that front.

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