The All-American Freebie


There are many things that come to mind on the 4th of July. Things that remind of us being American. Things we’re thankful for. Things that need changing. Things we have yet to do.

Today, I want to celebrate on my blog by combining two of the things on that list: The ‘Freebie’ and the American small ‘Mom and Pop’ business.

I’m giving away 4 free web site and design critique and will write an article with my feedback.

Keep in mind – yes, you’d get a live link on the post. Yes, you’ll get a professional and experienced review of your site. BUT if you do not want to hear where your site needs improvement, and you do not do well with hearing criticism of your site — pass on this freebie.

If you want me to review your site and write about it, hop on over to the contact form. Make sure and tell me your name, give me an email address to contact you when if I pick yours to do and to let you know when it’s done, and (obviously) tell me the URL you want reviewed. Anything additional is up to you.

Have a great 4th of July!