Benefits of Breadcrumbs for Your Linking Structure

Obviously, as breadcrumbs are links by nature, they will help a lot with your internal linking and consequently your search engine visibility. Yet, it’s important to know what other benefits your site will get from using breadcrumbs at each page of your site. Once it’s better known, you won’t leave any page of your site without these internal links.

What Breadcrumbs Are & How to Use Them

Principally, they’re navigation aids website developers add to each and every page of a site for various purposes. Let me bring you an example of such internal links that you should have definitely seen in websites. They look like the line below:

Site Booster Home – Search Engine Optimization Articles – Latest SEO Articles

It indicated that you’re reading SEO articles of the year 2008, which are placed under search engine optimization articles. They also are under the homepage of Site Booster.

Breadcrumbs are sets of links that could be made using different technologies. The technology I suggest you to use for your site is simple html that spreads page rank from all over your site to higher-layer pages. As the pages in higher layers are more important, adding html breadcrumbs are extremely helpful in enhancing your internal linking structure and main site keywords. Simple html links showing pathway to the page are powerful search engine visibility. Search engines understand these links and follow them.

Benefits of Breadcrumbs for Search Engine Optimization

Simple html links showing pathway of webpage are powerful on-page SEO factors recommended to be utilized inside your site. They enhance internal linking structure of a website. In order to make the most of breadcrumbs, make sure you use the main keywords of each page as the anchor text within the links you make to the higher layer pages. This has got the following benefits in the SEO results your site will deliver :

  • They will show search engines that those keywords are so important that you’ve created more content pages to explain them. Besides, several pages have used those keywords in their content and links.
  • They will add to the content relevancy of your site, because a link from a page to another is for providing more information on the same topic. There should be some related topic in another page of the same site that such internal links are referring to.

Benefits of Breadcrumbs for Human Readers

Apart from the on-page SEO benefits you get from adding breadcrumbs to your site, human readers will find them very useful as well. They arrive in a page by different methods:

  • They may have found a link to this page from a search engine result page.
  • They may have clicked on a link at another website and landed at your page.
  • They may have clicked on a link in an email they’ve received from a friend, newsletter from a site, an ebook, etc.
  • Etc.

Such a landing page isn’t necessarily always the homepage of your site. Therefore, adding breadcrumbs to all pages of your site will help your readers know where they are at your site and don’t get disoriented. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier at this post, they are navigation aids. So, the surfing of your site will be much more easier for your human readers when you add breadcrumbs to your site.

Guest post by Rahman Mehraby.
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  1. Depending on how deep your articles go and therefore how long the breadcrumb trail is it can be quite annoying for the human reader and i’m not sure if the engines don’t view it as stuffed keywords. But I will give it a try someday.

  2. Simple Html is very useful for reading the search engines.Internal Linking is most part of our website.If we Interlinking with main keyword then we got Good PR.Well Breadcrumbs is very good part of SEO.

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