The Role of High Tech I.D. Scanners

While it seems that until recently we simply counted on a lock and key for security, we now realize the need to use more advanced technology for security measures.

Nowadays, many businesses use I.D. scanners to confirm the identity of an individual.  And depending on the level of security required, many companies have resorted to using retinal scanners, voice recognition systems and even fingerprint verifiers.

Each id scanner works in a different way.  Some of the more advanced and information sensitive are programed to release the data to authorized personnel.  In fact, the system will set off an alarm in the event someone who lacks clearance tampers with or tries to get to the information.  To verify that you’re among the allowed personnel, the apparatus keeps all your relevant information within a cell; it refuses to “cooperate” until it’s verified you’re permission to access classified data is still in effect.

More and more businesses are choosing to go the route of a biometric system or as it’s commonly referred to, a retinal scanner.  In Internet banking, for instance, financial institutions have found that biometric security protects its customers on the web.

Companies in fear of industrial espionage or who wish to safeguard delicate documents i.e. research use retinal scanning to verify identification.  It’s definitely much more advantageous than having a lock.  A key can get lost or it can be copied; and professionals can decipher the code to a combination lock.  You can never tamper with eye scans, as each person’s retina is different and it’s not something that can be duplicated.

Although this type of technology is fairly new, it’s becoming more popular with time.  Scientists and engineers tell us that biometrics scanning will be incorporated into mobile telephones, vehicles and into e-commerce.  You may have even noticed the existence of 3D facial recognition.  It’s not yet perfected.  For now, you have to step close to the scanner; in the not so far future, you’ll be able to stand a few feet away.

This is no longer science fiction.  Retinal recognition and other innovations in I.D. scanning are making their place in today’s society.

This was a guest article from Bill Pollack.

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