Application Development For Businesses

Application development is not as important to computer users as it once was, however, no business of any size can ignore the need to program its own applications.

A business that programs its own applications knows it will get exactly the software package it needs. Of course, it also requires the business to hire programmers and do developing in house.

Application development is also important because it allows the business to keep up with changes in technology and sometimes changes in the law. Although COBOL is sneered at by programmers around the globe, many banks and governments still keep COBOL programmers on their payroll.

They do so not because they expect new applications in the language, but because they need to make changes to existing code that works well for them.

While a private business will probably not try to write its own version of Microsoft Office or the OpenOffice suites, there is still a wide need for the specialized programmer. One of the fastest areas of programming today is website development. Website development allows a business to reach across multiple platforms and not worry much about what operating system is on the user’s computer.

Application development allows a business to provide the tools the business needs for its operations. It can also allow a user to do things like calculate his mortgage payments or play games that might serve as advertising for the businessmen.

The possibilities are limited only by the imaginations of the programmers, the people who supervise them, and in some cases, the users. Often the best ideas will come from paying attention to the users and what they say they want. Any good manager or programmer knows to treat what users say with mistrust, however.

This was a guest article from John Klein.

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