What is 3D Printing All About?

There are plenty of people outside of the tech industry who have recently been hearing TONS about 3D printing due to the story about a plastic gun.

If you don’t know what 3D printing is up to – you really need to get caught up fast. You don’t want to miss being a part of this.

I’ve made a quick 49 minute playlist which covers each of the hottest 3D technologies in brief. It should be enough to get you caught up with the current goings-on in the 3D printing world so you can get your footing. I included videos covering the advances going on in 3D printing of plastic, ceramic, wood, carbon fiber, metal, house building, and human tissue. I suggest you click on the video and watch it on YouTube. Here you go…

Overall, there’s an awful lot going on in 3D printing. We’re really at the point at which these machines are going to keep getting better, cheaper, then start combining multiple types of printing into one machine.

Once we are solid on making the organic printers, there is no reason we can’t start with a basic organic molecule binding process (like the machine which creates tissue) and use that as a sub-routine to make the materials needed to run various types of print jobs. Meaning that you have one low-level printing process which creates the plastic, wood, metal, tissue, etc… on demand depending on the types of ingredients needed. In reality, there are only a few base elements which make up everything and the rest… well that’s just bonds between atoms – and we’ve had the schematics for those for ages.

I definitely picture the food replicator taking place in my lifetime. Is that genetically modified if it is an exact genetic clone and not modified at all? Is there much discussion to have on the ethics of it all? Very likely. But it’s a fascinating time to live in.