How To Make The App Store’s Top Grossing Chart

If you have been in the mobile app industry for any amount of time, then you must be familiar with the top grossing section that many app stores have.

Whether your app is designed specifically for iOS, Android, one of the many other mobile marketplaces, or is made equally compatible with all mobile operating systems, your goal should be to make it on a top grossing chart.  In the hopes of helping your app find its way to an app store’s top grossing chart, here are a few tips you may wish to keep in mind.

Think long term

Top grossing apps simply are not made overnight. In fact, many of the current top grossing apps still on the market have taken a significant amount of time to find their spot on the charts. As you aim to find a similar spot for your app, be patient and realize that even as it becomes popular, selling in high numbers, it likely won’t make the top grossing chart until it proves it can do so over an extended period of time. When it comes to producing a top grossing app, longevity is key. The top grossing chart is an elite status for any app to have. For instance, there are many more profitable apps than there are top grossing apps, which is sort of like comparing New Times Best Selling books to regular books that have merely been profitable in their sales. There is a dramatic difference involved, as just because an app is successful does not necessarily mean it will be top grossing.

Don’t Let Up At The First Sign Of Success

Likely the worst thing you can do in terms of achieving a top grossing status for your app is to cease your marketing efforts once it begins to sell well. In order to make a top grossing chart your app must continually sell, which means your marketing team will need to keep promoting the app to prospective users on a bevy of different mobile devices. Additionally, this may mean advertising on social media, participating in relevant online forums, or a number of other marketing and business development techniques used to further your app’s success. Fortunately for your company, the continued marketing efforts of your app should become more affordable as it sells more and more, bringing substantial revenue streams and relieving hefty expenses.

Take A Note From Other Top Grossing Apps

There is no better way to achieve a goal than to learn from someone, or in the case of your app, something that has already achieved the goal. In other words, the best way to advance your app to top grossing status is to borrow some of the steps that previous top grossing apps have used to find success. This could, for instance, be something like targeting students for your educational app, or advertising on a social network that remains largely untapped. It is generally the simplest things that make the biggest difference with long term sales.


Achieving a coveted top grossing status for your app is not easy to obtain, in fact, it is extremely difficult, and most apps fall short of the accomplishment. However, using the previously mentioned tips, with an emphasis and thinking long term with your sales figuresFree Reprint Articles, you should be able to move closer to a spot on a coveted top grossing chart.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author works for one of the top iPad application development companies. The Dallas mobile application development firm that offers mobility solutions with its highly dedicated team of enterprise app developer.