Does Your Mobile App Have A Catchy Name?

The importance of any product’s name is essential not only to its sales, but also to the perspective in which customers see it. In the case of a mobile app, having a catchy name is just as critical if not more so, as mobile device users can sometimes make the decision to download an app purely based on its name and category.

For such reason, it is imperative that you take careful consideration when giving your mobile app a name. To help you generate some good sounding and incredibly catchy names for your app, here are a couple helpful ideas to get you stared.

Use Other Products As Inspiration

Sometimes looking outside the mobile app industry for inspiration when naming your app is all it takes to come up with a clever and exceedingly catchy title. For example, if you are struggling endlessly to think of a good name for your app, but keep coming up short, try to think of a product you could find on the shelves of practically any store and use it for inspiration. Draino, the product that so many households around the country rely on to unclog their drains, likely has one of the more catchy and appropriate names in its market. Using such an example as inspiration, you could easily come up with a viable name for your mobile app. Your goal in doing so should be to describe the function of your app in a catchy way. So, if you app allows users to video message each other using short clips sent back and forth, then you could call it QuickVid, or something along those lines. Obviously, Quickvid is not the best name, but it is catchy, and hopefully it gives you an idea of how easy it can be to come up with a catchy name for your mobile app when you find the right inspiration first.

Think Simple

Sometimes thinking with simplicity when naming your mobile app is the best method to create a catchy title that your customers will surely latch onto. Again, in the case of Draino, the name has become synonymous with any sort of product that unclogs drains for household use. Whether Draino is the best product or not does not seem to factor in as much as the fact that it performs its desired function, and has a catchy name that embodies that function. You should aim to do the same exact thing with your mobile app. With simplicity in mind, think about the function of your app and how you can accurately include that in its name in a few catchy words. If your app is designed to help fitness professionals time their clients while running, you could call it something simple, like RunTime. In this regard, sometimes simple is better when naming your app.


Giving your mobile app a catchy name does not need to be overly complex or even full of hype. All you really need to do is think of its function and then accurately describe such with a catchy title. Once you have that taken care of, with a little luck, your app will hopefully become synonymous with its functionHealth Fitness Articles, similar to how Draino has conquered the industry for liquid products that unclog household drains. This sort of effectiveness and simplicity should be your goal when naming your mobile app.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author holds a content writer position with trusted mobile application development Dallas. The company has earned a name as one of the best iPhone development companies in Noida. The Mobile application development companies in Delhi NCR has worked for clients including Cisco, Cienna, and Verizon.