The New Real Estate App Craze: Should You Get Involved?

You may have noticed the recent emphasis in the mobile market that has fallen on real estate apps. Whether it is,,, or one of the many other real estate websites that have subsequently created mobile apps for house hunters and realtors, there is a definite trend occurring in the industry.

If you are a realtor, own a realty company, or are just looking to capitalize off of the real estate app boom, here are some things to consider when deciding whether you should get involved.

GPS Is Essential 

When creating a real estate app, GPS is undeniably one of the most vital aspects involved. Without the ability for a user to locate properties for sale in his or her close proximity, your app will surely lose a lot of its luster. The last thing a realtor or potential buyer wants to do while navigating the streets looking for a property is to have to manually type in an address or location. Without a location-based service on your app, it will surely fall short of any other competitor, especially the highly successful real estate apps on the market. As you can likely imagine, because real estate properties can be located in remote, or otherwise difficult to find locations, intertwining location-based GPS is a crucial aspect of any real estate app.


Just as GPS is critical to the success of your real estate app, having images and even videos of the properties listed on your mobile app is a useful, if not essential part. If you look at any of the currently popular real estate apps, you will surely notice all of them feature photos and even some videos of houses and properties listed on their mobile offerings. With that said, one way that you can get a leg up on such apps is by requiring that all properties listed on your app have some sort of visual multimedia representation. Unfortunately, even on many of the popular real estate apps, the properties go without any images or videos.

Accurate And Effective Descriptions

With the use of modern technology tools like multimedia and location-based GPS, it is hard to imagine what else a real estate app could need. However, one of the most essential aspects, and also likely the most neglected, is the textual description. Far too often realtors float through a listing without an effective description of the property, or in some cases they lack one all together. Instead, they focus on the visually stimulating images and videos of the property. And while those elements are undoubtedly important, there should still be a textual description of every property featured on your mobile app.


Taking note of the essential aspects of a viable real estate mobile offering, the aforementioned elements are things that you should definitely consider when crafting your own. As you develop and ultimately enter your app into the market, there will surely be fierce competition, however, if you ensure that your app has all of the previously mentioned elements, such as effective property descriptions, multimedia representations, and location-based GPS, then you will optimize its potential. Lastly, if you go the extra step and require that all listings on your real estate app have visual representationsArticle Search, then the users on both the buying and selling side of your app will likely prefer you mobile offering over others.

This is a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author is associated with an enterprise application development company have a team of experienced iPhone developer Dallas Texas has providing mobile banking app development solutions to the clients.