More Car apps lined up for your car

All around the world, every auto evangelist hangs voraciously on that upcoming, in-the-pipeline model which would make every other car seem somewhat less of a car

Such enthusiasm is driving apps developers into building car apps that turn the insides of any car into a small world by itself.

From turning a social media hub out of your dashboard to sniffing out available parking spaces and exploring driverless car concepts—car apps are becoming the most sophisticated explorers and the future bearers of auto technology.

Spurred by their high tech scaling, newer car apps are now making their way into some of the world’s most distinguished production lines. Audi’s latest in-car system for example would tout exceptional distance dynamics to pick up and list parking garages within the area. It would also mark out entryways and guiding routes.

General Motors on is already at the brink of going live with a new smart car app which would link a smartphone device to the car for enabling key operations like purring up the engine, locking or unlocking from a distance.  BMW is also working on a car app that would make car parking less of a struggle in packed city spaces.

The likes of Pandora and Glympse have already made quite a splash in the car space by integrating tightly with smart devices and mapping a car’s changing location in real time. Waze is another innovative car app to have hit the right note with its real time traffic crowd-sourcing which enables drivers to get around snarl-ups and damaged roads based on real inputs from other drivers.

Also filling up the space are new launches like iGasup which focus on economy driving. The iPhone car app tracks lowest gas prices on ten of the nearest stations based on the phone’s location. Users can then track their way to a chosen station guided by their GPS.

While most car apps focus explicitly on enhancing motoring standards, a few tender more than just a fine driving experience by bringing some fine personalization into reckoning. For example, certain cutting-edge car apps utilize body sensors to monitor vital signs while driving. Such apps come really handy on long drives and trips.

As technology stirs up apps developers to bridge commuting and mobile, car apps will have a much greater role to play in the future. This when driverless cars are just beginning to knock at the doors, and the appeal of electric vehicles develop is sensitizing a more than ever environment-sensitive world.  For all that we love doing on our devicesArticle Submission, it would be soon when a car would be the best place for such indulgences.

This was a guest article from Raj Srivastav.

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