Developing Your Mobile Enterprise’s Brand

It is one thing to develop a mobile app but it is a whole other to develop the brand of a mobile enterprise. Both require careful planning, however there eventually comes a point when the two begin to differ.

This point is, most notably, when an app is released on the mobile market while the brand it is housed under remains a constant work in progress. If you are looking to develop your mobile enterprise’s brand beyond its initial mobile market offering, then you should actively consider the following tips.

Moving Beyond Your App

One of the biggest mistakes that an enterprise in the mobile app industry can make is not developing its brand beyond one particular app. In some cases there may be one or two mobile apps under a brand, however in other cases, there may be dozens. Regardless, it is essential that the brand have a larger footing than any one single app.

The reason being is that if any one fails, then the mobile enterprise and its brand will not go down with it. Creating such a separation between product and brand goes back to basic business principles, but does not necessarily make it easy. With that said, if you can develop your brand enough so that when one of your apps under performs, the business is not adversely affected, then you will have achieved your goal in this regard.

Separating The Brand From The App

One of the best ways to develop your mobile enterprise’s brand beyond any one app is to have multiple market offerings. In other words, the more apps your brand has, the more likely it is to shield itself when one of them fails. This is a critical concept when aiming to develop your brand into something more than any one of its market offerings.

While it may seem somewhat counterproductive to separate your brand from your app, and even though you do not want to do so entirely, you do want to make a distinction to certain extent so that there is an option for damage control if something is to go wrong with your app. This is a very common thing for a business to do regarding the brand and its product.

For instance, take Nike, if they release a shoe that does not perform well and ends up tanking, the brand is so large and diverse that one failed venture will not take down the entire brand, or for that matter, even do much harm to its reputation. The key for your brand here is to make enough of a separation between it and its apps without completely severing ties.

In other words, you want people to recognize your brand because of its success, but you do not want to be associated if one of the apps fails.


A brand should always be developed beyond any one of its products. In the case of your mobile enterprise, this means not letting any one mobile marketing offering bring your brand down.

While the more apps your brand has, the less likely this is to happen, you should always aim to develop and expand your the brand of your mobile enterprise well beyond any one app. This way, when an app is worked on and subsequently releasedArticle Submission, the brand will be able to withstand any potential outcomes regardless of good or bad.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author holds a content writer position with an enterprise mobile application development companies in India. The enterprise mobility consulting firms with experienced iPad developer working to develop innovative mobile application solutions.