Five People That Will Use Your Mobile App

Regardless of the type of app that you have created or are planning on doing so in the near future with, there are five kinds of people that will use your mobile app no matter what.

In the hopes of building up your confidence in creating an app for the mobile market that will hopefully be successful as well, here are the five people that you can depend on to use your mobile app.

Tech Critics

While some might say that tech critics don’t count in terms of the people that will use your app, it is primarily because they are required to for their job. However, they absolutely do count, perhaps more than most other users because they have the ability to publish either positive or negative reviews about your app, which will in turn reach potentially millions of users.

Your Employees

Again, it may seem like your employees simply do not count in terms of the people you can count of to use your mobile app, but in fact, they will likely become some of the most loyal users of your mobile app, even if they are forced to by their pesky employer (you). Because your employees will also be playing a sizable part in the creation of your app, it is also important that they actively use it in order to make it better and work out the kinks. This too you should rely on.

Mobile Marketplace Editors

As part of their duties as an editor of a mobile marketplace, you will be able to rely on these individuals for using your mobile app fairly frequently. While, like tech critics, it may be an editor’s job to use your app, you can still count on them to use it nonetheless. Plus, they are not as much a critic as they are merely in charge on the content on a mobile marketplace, therefore they will likely be far less harsh on your app than a tech critic.

Your Friends And Family

Although they are not technically obligated to use your mobile app, your friends and family members are a good group of people to bank on to use your app. Hopefully, they can also serve as a viable source of useful feedback for it as well. It may be difficult to look at your friends and family using your mobile app as an indication of its future potential, however, if your loved ones are honest, they will surely give you an accurate review of the app, as well as the things they did and did not like about it.

Focus Groups

You may be paying the people in your app’s focus groups to use it, but you can still count on them as users nonetheless. And because you are paying them, they will likely give you their honest opinion of the app. Maybe with a little encouragement they will even spread the word about its upcoming release on the mobile market.


The five previously mentioned kinds of people are those that you should absolutely be able to bank on for using your mobile app. Obviously, such users are not the most organic, but they will ultimately end up using your app regardless. It is best to look at these people as a segue to other more naturally occurring users of your mobile app.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author is works with an enterprise mobile app development companies with its team of iPhone developer Dallas TX to meet customized demands of clients. The android application development companies in Noida provides enterprise mobility solutions.