Does Market Research Really Matter When Creating A Mobile App?

Market research and analysis matters a great deal when creating a mobile app, however, if the answer was that simple then there would be no need to read any further, but there is.

In terms of performing market research when creating your mobile app, it is always good to do so for a number of reasons. Whether it is to aid in your app’s marketing campaign, to learn what features your potential users will value most, or another useful benefit gained from such consumer insight, the goal of such research and analysis should be to not only benefit your app’s performance, but more so, benefit its users in the process.

For Your Marketing Plan

As you surely know, the marketing plan that you initially create for your mobile app will become a guiding light in times of uncertainty. What’s more, from the Four P’s and marketing mix to initiating your new marketing campaign, you will first need to solidify your app’s marketing plan. Part of doing so will undoubtedly include a good amount of market research.

One of the most obvious reasons to perform market research is to aid your marketing plan. In doing so, you present the opportunity for your app’s marketing team to gain insight into the purchasing patterns and consumer behavior of its users. This can serve as invaluable information when it comes time to market your mobile app to users. Additionally, it can give your marketing team the ability to better reach out to the target demographic that you have already established.

Aiding The User Experience

The experience that someone has when using your mobile app is the hallmark of your mobile enterprise, and subsequently plays a big role in the eventual success or demise of your mobile app. Creating a better user experience is likely one of the biggest perks resonating from any sort of market research that you do.

In other words, the insightful feedback you gain from market research and analysis will give you the ability to look at the features and other programming aspects of your mobile app in an entirely different light — from the user’s point of view. This is a perspective that app makers often overlook or simply do not fully understand, which is why market research is typically necessary in order to improve the user experience that your mobile app provides.


Regardless of what anyone says, market analysis and research are vital to any mobile app and its emergence on the mobile market. If you are looking to offer an appealing and eventually successful mobile app, you will likely need to do some sort of market research first in order for your goals to find fruition. Very rarely do mobile apps become successful on a whim without the creator doing research on its target market and other relevant demographics first.

So, whether it is to aid in the user experience of your app, and similarly the level of how people enjoy using it, or it’s to further the effectiveness of your marketing plan, market research will be of great benefit to many different aspects of your mobile app. The more that you use the market research and further analysis that you team performs on the various aspects of your mobile app, the higher the probability that it will overcome any odds against it in the mobile market.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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