Need and Benefits of Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP has integrated work processes that are developed basically to increase the use of the manufacturer’s resources, lower the cost and organize resources’ complete process, from row material acquisition, manufacturing, production planning, sales, marketing to last deliveries of the products.

Using manufacturing ERP solution for your manufacturing business will assist you improve your resources, better process planning, make wiser decisions and prepare for unnecessary obstacles along the business process cycle. It will help you to manage your firm, all departments efficiently, cut your costing and increase your revenue.

ERP software for manufacturing industry has been figuratively compatible for small, medium and large-sized, mixed-mode, discrete, make-to-order manufacturing firms. It is an integrated software solution that should effectively process through a fully unified process. The system should be able to remove the double entries, keep a track record of the products and sustains the production scheduling. The ERP solution has various modules where each module is designed to perform a distinct task.

It can maintain several procedures including inventory, shipping, accounting, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and in-voicing. The software covers a huge area including quality control, formulation modules and quotation module. It helps the management of almost all the departments in manufacturing company. Buying ERP software is one time expenditure, one must check and analyze the system before installing.

Here are three major modules of a manufacturing ERP software:

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module: With manufacturing ERP software, managers can make planning alertly, schedule purchases effectively and prevent purchasing and scheduling issues. One can streamline business manufacturing process by avoiding such issues related to production, planning and can continue working on the basis of schedule. It will save a lot of time of the manufacturing units in the industry.

Work Order: It offers the ability to check new updates of the manufacturing procedure in real-time, generates work orders, create work schedules, and controls costing issues related to the project etc.

Bill of Materials: Bill of materials includes the quantity of materials to be used such as raw materials, sub-components, components, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies etc. The ERP system offers manufacturers an exact and elaborated reports about material requirements, billing and production history.

Sales Order and Purchase Order: Another significant modules to streamline a manufacturing business of an organization are Sales Order and Purchase Order. One can know the customers’ details, right from mailing and shipping address to their transaction records, the availability of stocks, costing, pricing and many more.

Thus, in this way, the manufacturing ERP software can save a lot of time, money, endeavours, ensure manufacturing capacity and improve profitability.

This was a guest article from Emma George.

The author is a professional article writer and associated with ACGIL, an Indian based ERP software solutions provider company. Being a leader in IT sector, ACGIL offers various open source manufacturing ERP software, construction ERP software, garment house ERP, cloud hosted ERP and many more.