Mistakenly Deleted Phone Messages?

With the increasing number of messages received in our phone, we may delete some outdated messages intentionally to make a room for new ones.

But what if mistakenly deleted one or more messages?

It is pointless if it is general ones, but how about important ones or the one you mistakenly deleted before you even check it? Get them resumed easily!

When mistaken phone messages deletion happens, I’m afraid many users may just blame to bad luck or fall into self-guilt. But in fact, you can easily resume mistakenly deleted phone messages without any efforts in 3 minutes only.

First of all, Download “Asunsoft Android Phone Geeker” by clicking the given link and then install it on your computer.

Next, Connect your phone to your computer with USB cable and meanwhile turn on the USB debugging on your phone.

Then, Run the “Asunsoft Android Phone Geeker” and it will detect and scan your connected phone all automatically.

Now, a short moment later, you can see the scanning results. You click Message on the left and select those you want to resume. Click Recover button.

Lastly, Select a specific location on your computer or directly your cell phone memory card even better to save the resumed messages.

Now navigate to that specific location where you saved them and you can read all resumed mistakenly deleted messages. See? Easy and fast only in 3 minutes.

This was a guest article from Erica Lee.

The author software allows you to check all text messages on your phone, deleted or existing. She also provides a guide with more detailed and illustrated instructions.