How to Gain Access to a Password-Encrypted Excel Document

If you have ever set password for your important Excel document but unluckily forgot it, this article tells you how you can regain access to password-encrypted Excel document instantly within about 3 minutes or just being informed in case encounter similar situations in future.

Excel is one of the most commonly and frequently used Office program to deal with kinds of data conveniently and intuitively. It is widely used in almost all fields.

One user-friendly feature of Excel is that users can voluntarily set a password for Excel documents containing confidential or valuable data information to protect them well from leaking. After you set one, just keep the password in your mind always or take some notes about it only known to yourself because once you forgot the password, you probably cannot open it again.

But doesn’t matter, if you cannot find other possible ways still, don’t feel depressed, Asunsoft is always at your service. It may do you a favor to recover or remove your forgotten Excel password easily and instantly within about 3 minutes only.

If you want to keep a password for your Excel document, see How to Recover Excel Password with a 100% Effective solution (Asunsoft Excel Password Geeker).

If you want to remove your forgotten Excel password directly, see How to Remove Excel Password When Lost Access (Asunsoft Excel Password Clearer).

 This was a guest article from Erica Lee.

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