QuickBooks hosting adds new dimensions to the accounting profession

QuickBooks Hosting adds new dimensions to the accounting professionals as it brings the supremacy of “cloud computing” down to earth, giving clients a simple, protected data access to their QuickBooks data and workflows wherever and whenever there is a requirement.

There are many advantages of using QuickBooks hosting but the major advantage is that it requires no installation, no maintenance, no training, no new equipment, no IT capital investment, or even a long-term commitment. Other than this, it consists of setup support and automatic upgrades! And if user’s changes their mind later, then the hosting software and data can go right back to user’s desktop because it belongs to them.

QuickBooks Hosting Service takes away the fear of a computer crashing and system failure when users need to access their data from anywhere and anytime.

Many organization individuals and businesses may decide to use QuickBooks hosting, as it can provide the benefits of a short setup time-frame for new software and also decrease overall costs.

With Quickbooks Hosting, the users can get the preferred version and edition of Quickbooks Hosted on cloud. With the help of QuickBooks Hosting, any data from the existing desktop applications can be easily transferred to the remote hosted server.

Features of Quickbooks Hosting

Quickbooks Hosting includes features which are as follows:

  • It has a dedicated hosting for secure usage of the data of the user.
  • It provides secure setup on terminal servers.
  • It provides complete data backup and promised disaster recovery.
  • It provides hassle-free working environment to work from anywhere, anytime 24/7.
  • It provides automatic upgrades of the QuickBooks software from hosting providers.
  • It provides better management even with on-the-go activities.

QuickBooks Hosting services facilitate users to run almost any edition/version of QuickBooks on it’s high speed terminals servers. This sound great, instead of installing different QuickBooks software on users local desktops, all of them can be run by hosted quickbooks cloud services.

Major Concern

QuickBooks Hosting needs the following conditions to be met before it can permit access to company data files:

  • Windows File permissions: The client who is logged in should have permissions set to Full control, which consists of permission to look at, open, and modify the data file.
  • Database Server mode: The database server can successfully open the company data file.
  • QuickBooks User login: Each client must have a QuickBooks user login and password.

Once these above mentioned requirements are met, clients can access the company data files easily.

This was a guest article from Denor Linen.

Denor Linen is an IT analyst working with a leading QuickBooks hosting provider. He is specialized in QuickBooks hosting technologies.