Why Browser Sandboxing is important for your PC

For people who spend a lot of time online, viruses and malware are a very real and serious problem.

The best way to avoid the security risks that accompany such threats is to install and make use of the best antivirus available in the market. However, another great solution to secure browser sessions is to make use of a feature known as Browser Sandbox.

Browser Sandboxing helps machines prevent threats that may be missed by antivirus products. It adds an extra layer of defense and security and makes all sessions completely safe. This is especially useful when a person is carrying out banking transactions or shopping online. At such times, the information entered into the system is of a highly crucial nature and all the protection that can be gained is useful.

What is Browser Sandbox?

Sandboxing is a term that is given to session virtualization wherein a browser session operates in an independent environment so as to stay protected against malware and other security risks. Several processes and programs operate in this virtualized environment, and also have limited access to files on the system.

As a result, no permanent changes can be made to the machine, nor can any harmful downloads enter the machine and disrupt security. Whatever happens in the sandbox, stays in the sandbox. A sandbox also prevents malicious programs from snooping in on machines by isolating the programs and the machine altogether.

With the help of sandboxing, PC users can visit websites without worrying about the consequences of illicit downloads entering the system. This holds especially true for drive-by downloads (downloads that enter the system automatically when a user visits an infected website).

Moreover, sandboxing at an advanced level is also used by antivirus developers for testing various virus strains. The virtualized environment that is created allows the developers to analyze malicious software without infecting their own machines.

What Should A Browser Sandbox Comprise?

Running your browser session in sandbox allows you to enjoy a secure browsing experience that is uninterrupted by any security risks. The feature acts as a screen between the operating system on the PC and several online threats.

Simply put, any program that is run in a sandboxed session runs exactly the same way as it would any other time. The only difference here is that there is an extra layer of security between the PC and the InternetFree Reprint Articles, and this prevents threats from entering the system. No other actions need to be undertaken by the user and this makes his experience safer without hampering the usability in any manner.

Browser Sandboxing is a known and trusted method for protection machines from malicious threats since a long time. The best antivirus products always provide this as a salient feature and this should also be a prime consideration for anyone who wishes to purchase a good security solutions software.

This was a guest article from Rajib Singha.

Rajib is a Physics graduate and a technology enthusiast. Besides having an interest in the latest gadgets, he is also into IT security and all that it encompasses.