The Science Behind Remote Access

A single desktop doesn’t really need to stand alone. Online PC remote access software now enables users to create networks and even access a single machine without the expensive costs.

These days, remote access solutions and remote control software apps enable businesses and private individuals to access and link their machines in order to allow for more convenient off-site working.

Remote Access: The Basics

how remote access works A person who has remote access is able to access data, info and files -and the computer as a whole- from any other device and at any location. All you really need is a good internet connection and the Remote Control Software to connect a base computer or network to their service. Depending on the access route installed, users can now access their own systems from any computer. So how does PC Remote Access work? Here are the three essential components that are needed for setting up a remote access service.

What is a System Network?

For you to set up Remote Access connection, you need a network. Remote access is typically used when an organization sets up its own network at a company building or headquarters, and allows employees to access this network from an off-site location. An employee may opt to access the company’s network from another office, from his or her home office, or maybe even while traveling across the nation or around the world. A secure network is indeed necessary or else it may be subject to attack by internet hackers and hijacking.

Understanding the network access device.

For a network to allow for remote access service there has to be a device set up that functions as an access provider. This device is something that has to be connected to both the local network and to the external network. Oftentimes, the external network is usually the Internet or any external network. The device is usually a gateway computer or remote access server that contains a minimum of two network cards for separate accesses.

Dealing with the remote client: The remote client is any computer that attempts to connect to the system network.

For a user, this connection may be totally transparent. The main function of remote access is to have remote networks (e.g.printer) appear normal, similar to the local devices attached to systems network. A client computer needs to connect with an external network with the use of dial up or wireless connection. This can simply be done by gaining access to the Internet. The client then sets up the address of the network access device. As soon as the network access device confirms a client computer, it then gives out the access. On the part of the client computer, printers, drives and other devices are then mapped locally.

This was a guest article from Frank Taylor.