The New Client – Age 5

Child seated in front of a computer.


The next generation is alive and well. They are blogging, emailing, carrying mobile phones, text messaging, listening on iPods, networking and chatting with friends through social apps and messenger programs, and playing complex massive multi-player games online.

They are about 5 years old.

They are your target customer if you are in new technology development.

Website Style – Restyled

After months of tossing around ideas on how I wanted to redesign my main site,, I finally came up with what I’m calling Version 1.0 of the redesign. It was not intended to take quite so long, but ah well. Not only was it…

New WordPress Themes

There are two new WordPress themes that I like online today, each one definitely in a different category. Todays winner in the minimal category, sporting a very Web2.0 color scheme, goes to Prisa from The only thing lacking in this one is an online…

New WordPress Themes

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