New Blog Layout

As recently posted, I broke my last blog layout. It no longer was working for IE, but instead of fixing it right away, I decided to just change things up and finally implement a new theme. I had wanted to change the layout for a while, but it never seemed to happen, so I suppose I can thank whatever I did to break the other design. In all honesty, it would probably not take much effort to look at the CSS and see what typo/foolish change I made that broke it… but I just don’t really -want- to keep that layout. I like this one. At some point in the near future, I will implement this layout on my main site as well.

Another thing you might notice is that I’ve got the theme switcher plugin active on the blog. I found a really nice theme (called plaintext) which I think will make a great alternative style. There are a couple of themes in the list that are old ones (Black and Red is one that was pretty much the first theme on the blog, and then Old Coffee was the one that I broke). Those will likely be removed soon.

Anyway, I’m not done making it all accessible, but I am done making it play nice for Firefox, IE 6, Opera, and Konqueror. At some point soon I’m going to test it in Safari and keep my fingers crossed. Having one nice column float issue in IE 5.5 but it’s on the to-do list of things to fix.

If ya’ll notice anything else twitchy, let me know. Obviously, this was rather rushed to implement, so I’m not surprised if there turn out to be a lot of little quirks here and there.