IE8 Beta – Broken RGB Color

I have been testing my sites with the new IE8 beta, and had a pretty major shock on my main site when it didn’t render well. I honestly hadn’t expected any problems, but then again, I didn’t expect them to REMOVE or BREAK functionality that was already there in IE7. Why I didn’t expect it, who knows.

In any event, my main site should look like this (as it renders in modern browsers and IE7):

Website Style DOT com showing normally.

But in IE8 Beta ‘Standards mode’ it looks like this:

Website Style DOT com showing nearly blank on IE8 beta.

As I said, I completely didn’t expect this. My site was written with my obsessive attention to standards detail, and I figured on having an easy ride through the new version.

It took me a bit to figure out exactly what had caused the problem, but I finally figured it out and once I did… I was shocked.

Apparently the ability to declare backgrounds (or anything else) using rgb color isn’t there in IE8 beta.

As soon as I started changing the rgb values to hex values, the site backgrounds started showing up. It is fixable without much hassle, and without technically hacking anything (simply converting my RGB background values into hex) … but why? This functionality was there in IE7, and it’s really ridiculous to have to expect to lose functionality in a new version.

Hopefully it’s just a bug to be fixed before it goes out in full version.

After I figured out what the problem was, I did a google search on the correct search string (having had no luck searching for ‘IE8 background problems’ and much better luck with ‘IE8 rgb’) and came up with a good article that shows live examples of several things missing from IE8 that were there in IE7.

Take a look at the article from HowToCreate, and there are some live examples as well that you can view in the IE8 beta.


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  1. Additional to the marked link (the article from HowToCreate) above, it seems the marquee-Tag isn’t supported anymore. Also opacity’s still not supported and sometimes IE8 displays a black screen instead of opacity.

    It takes half an hour to write a bug report to the IE developer team and I could write dozens. Also I’m sure they already know most of the bugs. So the question is why they’ve published that version so early. It’s such a bad reputation, as long as ie8 is not half the way done.

    It’s such a trap to download this so called beta and costs me untill now almost 3 useless extra hours at work.

    Hope they’ll fix everything soon.

  2. Hey here’s my problem..I use css to style the text in a div..The css is pretty simple and works perfectly fine in firefox and safari. Howevere it does not work in IE8..Instead it gives me a light gray color which i think is the ie8 default. Any ideas?

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