Email Q & A – Business Owner Perks

Here’s a quick email Q&A that dropped in today (fair warning, my humor is a bit off today).

Evan R., attending community college full-time and thinking of heading into a business major, has this to ask:

Q: “What is the best thing about being a business owner?”
A: “The best thing about being a business owner is that no one can fire me for wearing rude tee-shirts.”

Make sense please.
Make sense please.

Oh okay okay…

AND it’s also really nice that no one else can fire you either. Except yourself. But then, if you want to fire yourself, there are bigger problems going on.

Fine fine, I’ll get serious. The most awesome part of being a business owner is knowing that you created something that it lives or dies based solely on the strength you have to keep it alive. It’s entirely up to you to keep it afloat. If that kind of pressure doesn’t sound exciting … it’s not for you. But if it is something that sounds appealing, watching your business prosper, struggle, change, improve, etc… it’s like being a parent. A totally awesome, completely horrifying at times, experience.