Known good substrate design

Glass has been found to be a known good substrate material. It is commonplace for it to be used in circuit board design in order to achieve efficient results. It goes hand-in-hand with system in package technology which is also making advances in efficiency for portable consumer electronics devices.

System in package technology is one which has been developed from the need to deal with the demand for miniaturization . Previous RF design was timely and costly. Different components were placed side-by-side on the circuit board, and this meant more power usage and longer design cycles.

By using technology such as SiP, developers are creating new advanced products faster and cheaper than ever before. All of the components on a mobile phone device can now be contained within a single substrate. This even includes a wireless connectivity module and antenna (AiP).

When using system in package technology, companies are finding that the time to market is greatly improved. That is because of a much simpler design. Existing technologies can be incorporated into new products and reused when required. This means that any new developments can simply be added on to existing circuit board designs.

Electronic devices can now be made into wafer thin designs. This has allowed for the boom in the mobile phone market, and more specifically the new emergence of smart phones. This latest type of cellular phone combines internet access with other forms of data transfer. It was therefore essential to create a new technology which allowed many components to be incorporated into a single package.

The future of many electronics devices rests largely on quality known good substrate incorporated within SiP technology. It will allow for many products to cheaply incorporate wireless connectivity modules and other components.