How To Market Your Mobile App To The Business Class

Business people are very intelligent, money savvy and always alert. These traits make marketing your app a synch, that is, if those in the realm of business are doing the dirty work.

However, when it comes time to market your mobile app to the exact category of people that have helped you do so in the past, things can get a bit complicated. Selling your app to someone that has internal knowledge of the industry and may even know your product better than you do, leaves the transaction open to a number of unforeseen difficulties on your end. In other words, in order to sell your mobile app to the business class, you must be on your best game and always remain alert to any possible ways they might see through holes in your marketing. In the hopes of marketing your app to the business class, here are a few things to think about.

Outsmarting The Marketer

Marketers, and businesspeople in general, are exceedingly clever when it comes to buying anything. To be able to outsmart a marketer you must first understand their thought process when buying an app. You may think that they only look at doing so from a professional perspective, however, it is also very likely that they will want to use your app for personal reasons as well. Using personal enjoyment to appeal to those in the business world is one of the best strategies.

For instance, let’s say you have a fledgling social network that is looking to transition into the mobile app industry. In such an attempt, you appeal your new app to the business class in the hopes that they will use it both for business and for fun. The only problem is that you will undoubtedly have to gauge the buying motives of the business class. In other words, if they are buying for work related reasons, then they are likely to be in a whole other mindset than when they are buying for personal enjoyment. In the case of a social networking app, which can appeal to both motives, you definitely have the extra advantage. While businesspeople may be reluctant buying an app just for pleasure, when they can contribute the purchase to their livelihood, they will be much more likely to follow through with the checkout.

Of course, a social networking app is not the best example because most are free options that generate profit from mobile ad revenue. A better example would be a cloud-based storage app that allows users to store and share their files both for work related projects and for sharing with friends and family.


As you can likely see, marketing your app to the business class can be tricky, especially if your app walks the line between their work and personal life. With that said, such a strategy can be the best method of appealing to a segment of the market that already knows the ins and outs of what you are offering. If you effectively appeal your app to a businessperson’s work and home life, you will essentially double your chances of succeeding with the demographic. Even the smartest marketer loves to indulge in fun apps, and if yours also offers advantages to her or his work lifeHealth Fitness Articles, then you are practically guaranteed to make a sale.

This was a guest article by Jennifer Lewis.

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