How To Bring Your App From The Red To The Green

Creating an app that is profitable is hard enough, but when it is currently losing money, making money can seem like climbing Mount Everest.

While taking your app from the red to the green in terms of its financial statements can be difficult, doing so is also more than doable. What’s more, following a few simple strategies may help your app find the green quicker than you think. As you aim to navigate your way through the losses and expenses that your app currently faces, here are some tips to help expedite the process.

Cutting Expenses

One of, if not the most proactive methods of pointing your app in the direction of profitability is to limit expenses. It is understandable that not all expenses can be eliminated, and more so, that some are necessary in order to function and make revenue. For such reason, you should prioritize which expenses you can discard and which are essential to the livelihood of your business. The simplest process, getting rid of your app’s most frivolous expenses, is the best place the start. This can be things like treating your employees with expense accounts or company cars. It can also relate to jobs or tasks that you are outsourced instead of performed in-house. In many ways, these and other similar expenses, often create significant financial burden for your company and its mobile offerings. It is best to limit such expenses, at least until your app starts to have consistent revenue and ultimately finds profitability instead of remaining in the red.

Increase Your App’s Revenue Stream

Increasing the revenue of your mobile app certainly sounds easier said than done, however, actively trying to do so is better than accepting a doomed fated. The more of a conscious effort you make to increase your app’s revenue stream, the more likely you are to find profitability. In doing so, you should focus on aspects of your app such as marketing to prospective users, as well as providing necessary software updates for current users. The best way to increase your app’s revenue stream is to attract new users and satisfy current ones. In addition, you can consider making your app a paid option, but if you decide to do so, you will undoubtedly need to be confident that users will be willing to pay for it. If they are not, then your app can fall even more in the red and ultimately go into serious debt. If you come to the realization that users simply are not willing to pay to download your app, then do not worry, not all hope will be lost. In such a situation you can still increase revenue and ultimately find profits through mobile advertising. For many apps, especially free options, mobile ad revenue is a predominate source of income.


Creating an app with the potential to be profitable is a lot easier than actually making it happen. In other words, you can have the best app idea in the market, but there still are no guarantees that it will be profitable. All you can really do to make your app profitable is to focus on reducing its expenses, especially those that are most frivolous, and of courseBusiness Management Articles, increasing your app’s revenue stream is also a vital part of making it profitable.

This was a guest article by Jennifer Lewis.

Author holds a content writer position in mobile app companies that offers mobility solutions. The Dallas mobile app development firm has highly dedicated team of iPad developers Dallas create robust solutions for enterprises.