How to Create An App For People That Don’t Want To Use One

With the modern advances in app technology has also brought many people, usually older generations, that are stubborn about using such features. 

It is one thing for someone of an older demographic to buy a smartphone, but it is a whole other feat when they actually use it actively, especially the apps on it. To help you create an app for less intuitive, or perhaps even a bit stubborn mobile device users, here are a few tips.

Let Users See What They Are missing

Regardless of the demographic, if someone does not know about something, then they simply cannot miss it. In other words, it is impossible to know you are missing out on a mobile app if you are unaware of it. For such reason, you should most definitely aim to make your app visible as much as possible, especially to people that currently have no idea that your app exists. For older, less technologically intuitive generations in particular, this means allowing them to realize that your app is available on a number of mobile devices.

Make Users See What Your App Has To Offer

Also, for less technologically aware demographics, one of the best ways to entice a user is to let them see what your app has to offer. For instance, if your app is designed for social networking, and you want to reach out to the growing number of users over the age of 45, then you should show them the ability to connect with old friends and stay in better contact with current ones. This sort of user realization works for many apps, all it takes is identifying your target demographic and how you can allow them to see the benefit of you using your service.

Guide Your Less Intuitive Users

There is nothing worse than assuming that a particular user knows how to use your app. Especially for less intuitive mobile device users, it is essential to their continued usage that you guide them on how to take advantage of the features of your app. With the knowledge and know-how of how to use your app, then, even if they download, they are likely to stop using it, or worse, delete it from their mobile device all together. The trick is to effectively guide users that are not necessary fond of your app. If you can guide them to eventually use your app, and do so often, your app will likely become quite profitable.


Gearing your app toward less intuitive users is one of the hardest demographics in the market to tap. They can be stubborn, resistant, and just plain uninterested. However, if you use your powers of persuasion to make them aware of your app’s existence, how using it can benefit them, and perhaps most importantly, how to actually use it, then you will have succeeded in taking all the imaginable steps to reach out to such users. This is one of the most paramount things you can do for the success of your mobile enterprise. It may take some time and be difficult, but if you can fully reach out to users that do not even know that they need or want to use your app, then you will be one step ahead of most appsFree Web Content, especially those that fail to attempt such marketing strategy.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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