Software for converting Lotus Notes to Outlook

When we talk about email management applications, the two names that pop in mind are IBM Lotus and MS Outlook.

Seeing today’s scenario, many organizations and users are finding it smooth to work upon Outlook and handle their online data in PST format. This has created the demand for NSF (Lotus Notes format) to PST (Outlook format) tools.

Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is popularly known as desktop-based client for the purpose of social business. This is basically an email software service provider and includes various applications; social collaboration and messaging service. The Notes application offers an interface for file sharing, activity streams and microblogging, among others.

It helps users by following ways:

  • It brings world closer to desktop by providing single access point for social networks, feeds, business applications, emails, instant messaging, calendars and many other services
  • It quickly taps users network and makes it easier to find the content and people contacts
  • The application collaborates well with different tools. It includes web conferencing, streams of social activity, instant messaging, and others
  • Lotus Notes allows users to work with emails and other applications even when network is disconnected
  • The Lotus Notes application include different components like database, schedules, calendars, emails, web server and programming available in a singular front-end unit.
  • For most of the people, Notes is a form of email system. Email service is the most well-known function of the interface. However, it provides many other services as well. It is based on standard protocols like SMTP and POP3. Using the platform users have the option of both reading and responding to emails.
  • In a very common parlance, Notes is a form of database. Different sets of individual users share information database, can add, display and manipulate them. Apart from that there are program code modules contained in database that act as scheduled, on-demand, and background tasks for users. Notes application help users store data on the local workstation. Database can also be kept on server application.

Outlook, a Better Tool

These and similar services users can also except from Outlook, also an email service provider. Though there it appears that both emails service providers, more or less, offer similar sorts of users service, Outlook has been gaining more weight and traction among users and more in demand these days for providing a more safe and secure platform for arranging and storing emails.

The archive system is one of the most important features of the Outlook platform besides the security aspect of the platform.The Outlook platform acts like a tough shield and protects the inbox and other database on its platform from any kind of virus and spam intrusion. Outlook users have this advantage that is not available on other platforms. These are enough reasons for previous users of Notes to look for Outlook as the best medium for database management.

How to Convert Lotus Notes into Outlook?

If users have made up their mind to leave Notes and move to Outlook they will have to surpass one hurdle that lingers in the form of a pertinent question of how to convert Lotus Notes into Outlook, in other words how to get all data shifted from Notes to Outlook. The solution requires a software inclusion to fix the issue. There are software options users can go for in this case from the software industry market.

The author suggests using the NSF to PST conversion tool from SysTools to handle a smooth migration, or you can use this Google search.

This was a guest post from Lionel Jean.