How can remote control software help your business?

Businesses of all sizes can make better use of their time and money by utilizing PC remote access to improve training, increase the efficiency of the helpdesk and help with monitoring the work of its employees.


In the past, training both new and existing employees involved having to book a central location and then arranging for them to travel to that location. This can involve great expense in both time and money. With the advent of remote control software the employee can remain at their desk and receive one to one training from anywhere that the trainer is situated.

This gives the trainer the advantage of being able to watch what has been taught in real time and also to take over the PC to teach what should be done if this is deemed necessary.


When someone has a problem with an application or a process, the most difficult part of solving this is in trying to explain what the problem is. The same can be said about the person who is trying to provide the solution. With remote access this is no longer a problem.

When you contact your helpdesk they can take control of your PC and see for themselves what the problem is. You also have the advantage of seeing for yourself exactly what is being done and helping you to ensure that should this situation arise again, you will know what to do.

This can be a tremendous saving in both time and money as the amount of time that you are non productive is reduced considerably.


An employer has to be aware of what his/her employees are doing during work time, and the can certainly help with this. There is, however, another element that can be extremely effective in increasing the effectiveness of the workforce, and that is screen capture.

Remote access allows the work that is being done to be recorded in sync with any phone conversation that is taking place. This is especially helpful in the case of any dispute about what has been (or not been) done. It is also very effective as a training tool as both parties can see what has taken place in real time and can learn from any feedback that may be relevant.

It also means that you do not have to sit and listen in when someone is on a call as the whole process is recorded and can be played back when ready. Employees like this too as it can help improve their performance as they may not be aware of any errors that have been made during the course of the call.

Remote Control Software or is fast becoming an indispensable tool in the workplace as it has many varied and useful functions that can aid both employer and employee.

This was  a guest article from Mike John.