4 Reasons to Use Remote Access Software

Remote access software is a sort of buzz word these days. It is not necessarily a new concept, but it has certainly become widely accessible and a preferred method for sharing information within a company.

If you have multiple computers with the same remote desktop software and which are connected to the same network, they can share information as if each individual hard drive has combined to make one giant one with several partitions. This gives you many opportunities for creative ways to solving particular problems in the workplace as well as the work day. Here are four of them:

1) Collaboration is often the key on big projects. By granting PC remote access and sharing screens with another person in the office, even across the world, teamwork becomes seamless; less about instruction and more about true immersion. Two or more people can share a screen as well as interact with the file in a way that promotes a positive group experience and usually results in the successful contribution of combined efforts.

2) Telecommuting is a big deal these days. It helps to reduce labor at the work place and is actually considered by many people to be a fringe benefit of the job. Being able to work from home at least one day a week is, indeed, much better than dealing with traffic and missing your family. Remote desktop software is largely responsible for this, allowing people to connect not just their home and work computers, but share their information as well. This makes the workplace more flexible and accommodating.

3) Emergency situations arise all the time: you forgot part of the presentation; you realized there is a typo, but the original file is at the office; the deadline changes and you need to finish it tonight and not tomorrow. With PC remote access, you can take care of these issues no matter where you are. As long as both computers are running the same sharing software, you can get what you need from where you are. You can even use the software to turn on the other computer!

4) Privileged information is also often very delicate. When you are the manager or owner of an organization, sometimes people need files that are in your computer when you are not around. Maybe you went on vacation or you are in transit to meet a new client or vendor. Many PC remote access software programs can be controlled by a portable device like smart phone or PDA. You could easily input the password or retrieve the file and send it through the network or email.

As you can see, remote access to your PC gives you more options than were previously available before network sharing was developed. Options create more opportunities to succeed. Success, of course, should always be your ultimate goal, especially for the company as a whole.

When everybody shares relevant information in a convenient and efficient way, everybody moves forward together, everyone succeeds, and everybody wins together.

This was a guest article from Mike John.